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Laura Pausini Marks 30-Year Career With Marathon Concerts

Italian singer Laura Pausini rose to fame in 1993. This year, she’s celebrating 30 years in the music industry by performing 3 concerts in multiple cities in 24 hours.

Three Concerts in 24 Hours

Pausini celebrated Valentine’s Day like no other artist this year. Celebrating 30 years of an amazing music career, she announced that this February 26 (EST time,) she will kick off a series of concerts that will see her travel to multiple cities and even continents, all within 24 hours.

Pausini will take over New York City’s Apollo Theater on February 26th at 6pm EST. After she finishes that concert, she will fly across the pond to Madrid, Spain, to perform at 3pm CET. To finish things up, she will hold one more show in Milan, Italy at 11pm CET. In every show, she will perform 10 songs, that will span from every decade of her career.

February 27th Marked the Beginning of Pausini’s Career

Why did she pick this specific day to perform a marathon, you may ask? Well, February 27th (in Italy time) was actually the day when she participated at the Sanremo Music Festival in 1993, where her performance of her song “La Solitudine” (“The Loneliness”) was the beginning of her worldwide stardom.

“This is a tour that, let’s say, begins and ends on the same day,” Pausini says of the #Laura30 tour. “This is also the retelling of my journey because I got started in Italy. Then, I went to Spain, and after, I went to the United States. I had to pick three cities in each country. Initially, it was going to be Miami for the U.S. but I would not have arrived on time to Madrid and be able to do this whole 24-hour trip.”

“I wanted to celebrate on the exact date of my [career] anniversary which is Feb. 27,” she added. “And with this gesture, I want people to realize that I don’t want to celebrate by only thinking of the past. But also, the fact that a new chapter of my life is beginning… a new path.”

Pausini has stolen the hearts of millions of people in Spanish-speaking countries and most notably, Latin America. Her songs “En cambio no,” “Viveme,” and “Se fue” are only a few examples of the influence she’s carried in these countries. Today, she is the best-selling female non-Spanish-speaking Latin music artist.

All concerts will be free and open to the public. Reservations are open on until supplies last.

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