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Banoffee Copes With Grief On “Angel Girl”

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“Angel Girl”

Angel Girl” is the first single from singer/songwriter Banoffee since her 2021 album Tear Tracks. After teasing a snippet of the track on her Instagram, the pop singer finally released “Angel Girl” on August 10th. 

Short Bio On Banoffee

Banoffee was born in Melbourne and she writes, sings and as well as produces music. She has toured with pop icons Taylor Swift and Charli XCX. She is experimental in her music using abstract textures and beats. 

Notably, Banoffee is no stranger to vulnerability and transparency in her music. In her debut album Look At Us Now Dad, the singer wrote about surviving abuse and adversity. On the other hand, “Angel Girl” entails Banoffee’s journey through grief. The “Count on You” singer can feel the presence of the person that has passed. Banoffee looks for her everywhere she goes and recalls seeing her face appear in a crowded room. 

Lyrical Analysis

In the chorus the Los Angeles-based singer repeatedly asks, “Could you be my angel girl?” Banoffee wants the person she has lost to stay by her side and look after her. Although she has passed, the singer senses she is dancing right beside her.

“I don’t wanna close my eyes

Honestly, I’m terrified

If I never go to sleep

Will you lie next to me?”

Banoffee fears if she falls asleep she might miss her angel appearing. Therefore, if she stays awake through the night, her angel might return. 

Sonics Of “Angel Girl”

Although the lyrics are heavy, the melodies and infectious pop beat is uplifting. The bouncy track is the perfect tune to dance to, while simultaneously being a tear jerker. However, Banoffee through this track shows us that the people we have lost may be watching over us. They may actually be by our side everywhere we go, and that can bring some serenity. 

“Angel Girl” could possibly be the lead single from Banoffee’s third album. We don’t have much information yet, however “Angel Girl” has left us on the edge of our seats. We are excited and puzzled for what comes next from Banoffee.

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