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Have you been lookin’ for a quick and easy listen in rap? Maybe you’re lookin’ for Detroit-style specifically. If so, then boy do I have an option for you! I’m talkin’ about the YouTube-exclusive EP by BabyTron: “THEY WON’T CLEAR THIS”! Now let’s talk about one piece from the four track EP. 

The Best Place to Start: 

BabyTron sets himself apart from the jump with the opening song “Circo Loco/Just Wanna Rock.” Using a filtered and edited sample of Daft Punk’s “One More Time” as the primary beat for the first half- just… muah. It really got me into the whole vibe! When the dude starts spittin’, let’s just say I’m glad he doesn’t mumble. I honestly can’t express how happy it makes me to see a new rapper NOT mumble. However, there’s always a catch with me. 

BabyTron, at least in his opening, sort of just raps about nothing. Now, you can go ahead and say that he raps about how he’s far more “original” than his contemporaries. However, the little mannerisms and background elements like random onomatopoeia and such are all ones you’re sick of hearing. In fact, there might just be a meta-lyric in there confirming this.

One thing you gotta know is that every time I take a step back, I take two steps forward.”  

That’s a pretty optimistic way of saying that he’s progressing slowly and making mistakes along the way. Now, this isn’t entirely representative of the entire EP. Wanna hear something funny? The title comes from the fact that his label, The HipHop Lab, won’t clear those four tracks for an album release. Maybe that fact alone is enough to shine a light on the quality of the EP. Maybe it isn’t. Go and check it out yourself here

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