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Ava Max releases Weapons

American singer and songwriter Amanda Ava Koci, famously known as Ava Max, just dropped her latest single. Just like previous “Million Dollar Baby” and “Maybe You’re The Problem,” “Weapons,” the third single from her upcoming album Diamonds & Dancefloors,  it’s nothing less than a banger.


Photo Credits: Marilyn Hue

Ava Max got seen for the first time with her two smashing hits “Sweet But Psycho” and “Kings & Queens.” Since the day she made herself a name, Ava Max hasn’t stopped releasing bangers. Her latest hits “Million Dollar Baby” and “Maybe You’re The Problem” are two of the powerful songs she’s released so far, with catchy sounds and strong lyrics. And the artist agrees, saying that “These lyrics are my favorite of any song I’ve released this year.”

Embracing the pop punk vibes that we’ve seen return in the latest months, “Weapons” has all the requirements to be a hit. The lyrics results in a personal and open-hearted awareness of the singer’s resilience. Acknowledging her vulnerability, the artist realises her strength in front of words used as “weapons.”

In the realisation of”Weapons,” the artist collaborated with her co-writers Henry ‘Cirkut’ Walter, Michel ‘Lindgren’ Schulz and Ryan Tedder.

Diamonds & Dancefloors

On January 27 Ava Max is set to release her second album, Diamonds & Dancefloors. Despite the fake rumor that the album had been leaked, not many informations are available yet. However, after seeing the latest drops Ava Max released we can only expect another smashing album.  Just like her 2020 debut album Heaven & Hell, Diamonds & Dancefloors is set to be the evolution of the singer’s sound. Embracing the musical maturity and experience the 28-year-old singer has showed so far, the upcoming release we’ll undoubtedly will be a further step to the industry’s recognition that fans hope for.


The album will be out at the end of January 2023, and we couldn’t be more excited!What do you expect it to be like? Let us know in the comments!

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