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Ashnikko’s New Song Is Soon To Be A Holiday Success

Ashnikko Drops "Halloweenie IV: Innards"Alt-pop superstar Ashnikko (she/they) just released their cover of the classic holiday song Carol Of The Bells. The song has been released on Spotify and will be part of the annual Spotify playlist “Spotify Singles: Holiday Collection.”

The 25-year-old singer explains, “I chose Carol Of The Bells because it sounds like a strange little fairy chant and it’s the closest thing I could get to spooky on Christmas.”

American rapper, songwriter and record producer Ashnikko recently has also shared their annual traditional Halloween track. Its title is “Halloweenie IV: Innards.” They released their latest singles Panic Attacks in Paradise and Maggots as well. In 2021 they also released “Slumber Party,” a mini remix album featuring Princess Nokia. Moreover, Ashnikko recently collaborated with Lady Gaga on her record-breaking remix album Dawn of Chromatica.

The song

Carol Of The Bells, originally written in 1936 by the American composer Peter Wilhousky, is based on a melodic reworking of a Christmas carol by the Ukrainian composer Mykola Leontovyč. In fact, the original title of the song was Ščedryk, that in Ukrainian means “New Year’s Song.”

Multiple artists recently performed the song. Furthermore, one of the most famous versions of the song is the recording by Pentatonix, an American a cappella group. Anyway, it obtains a new tone after Ashnikko’s touch. Gloomy and suspended, the song presents a bit that characterises Ashnikko’s music.


Ashnikko and the playlist “Spotify Singles: Holiday Collection”

This year marks the fifth year of the Holiday Collection playlist. It includes a large variety of songs from very different genres and times. Through this playlist, Spotify tries to enclose all the greatest Christmas classics and those soon to be considered that. Their aim is to accompany listeners in the month of December (and beyond). This year, the playlist presents important names as Miley Cyrus, Sam Smith, Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Adam Lambert and Demi Lovato, but also Alexandra Streliski, Wynton Marsalis and Amy Helm.

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