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Miley Cyrus’ Fan Letter Was Cryptic

Miley Cyrus angels like youMiley Cyrus wrote a handwritten letter to her loyal and faithful fans. The letter is very cryptic, and fans started speculations about the next hypothetical chapter of Cyrus’ next project. In fact, she is potentially teasing the new chapter of her career. As a matter of fact the singer, after the success of her recent album Plastic Heart, has recently stepped away from media to devote herself to her musical works and concerts behind the scenes.

The letter

The letter contains information about the preparation for Cyrus’ next era in her musical career. It was and is accessible only to a selected part of her fans. In fact, to see Miley’s words one has to be part of her fan club. To be part of her fan club you have to subscribe to the website:

“I am so thankful for your loyal support + great company on this ride of my life!” the singer wrote. “There has been intense spurts of change in my life personally + professionally (which always co-exist). I am so [excited] to channel these experiences + use them as inspiration in my next body of work! I am so grateful to never go through these transitional times alone because I have [you]!”

Accompanying the letter, Miley Cyrus shared a video of her over-an-hour-long set at Austin City Limits. She aimed to reach all the fans who couldn’t join her in real life.

“The setlist represents my evolution! It honors + celebrates every era!” she added. “They are all so special to me! Mostly because you have been a part of it! Can’t wait to create the next one for/with you! I love you forever!”

Miley Cyrus’ return to her origins

The idea of sharing a letter with her public isn’t new to Miley Cyrus, that has already done the same few months ago. In fact, she published a letter direct to her Hannah Montana-self. She has always kept an eye on her first, most famous and successful character. In fact, the design of the website, with flashy handwritten letter situation is very much reminiscent of Miley’s Disney days. But in that letter it seems like she is finally accepting her past character and persona. And the recent references and performance in Austin seem to confirm this return to her past.

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