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Ashe Speaks Out on “Angry Woman”

Singer-songwriter Ashe released her latest single “Angry Woman,” following on May’s “Hope You’re Not Happy.”

Ashe’s Sophomore Album Rae is Coming in October

Ashe’s new era is officially here. This year, she has released the singles “Another Man’s Jeans,” “Hope You’re Not Happy,” and now, “Angry Woman.” Along with the new releases, though, she announced that her upcoming sophomore album Rae is officially set for release on October 14, and all of these songs form part of it. 

Ashe’s debut album Ashlyn was released just in May last year, but it looks like the singer is ready to keep the music rolling – and we can’t complain! For instance, “Angry Woman” is a powerful song. Ashe sings about what it means to be a woman in America in the present. It also invites us to break stereotypes that we have been taught all of our lives. 


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“Angry Woman” Arrives in the Time We Needed It

“You told me, ‘Nobody likes an angry woman.’ I always say the things I shouldn’t. Oh, what a shame my tongue’s not tied. You can do whatever you want, I’ll do whatever I like,” Ashe sings in the chorus.

“‘Angry Woman’ is my enough is enough record,” Ashe said. “There’s always been this sense that as a woman in this world I’ve needed to ‘behave’ and ‘play nice;’ cutting off all this power and confidence that as women we should be demonstrating on a daily basis. ‘Angry Woman,’ in many ways, is about being fed up with abuse of power and that it sometimes takes a little righteous anger to make a change. Especially in today’s climate, I want to see women getting a little angry, because we should be.”

In addition, the music video for “Angry Woman” was inspired by Yoko Ono’s famous 1964 cut-piece performance. Yoko encouraged audience members to cut off a small piece of her clothing, which was theirs to keep. 

“I felt Yoko One’s cut-piece performance was very empowering and related to the song I wrote and how it feels to be a woman in America in 2022,” Ashe adds. “I was very inspired and wanted to pay homage to it in the ‘Angry Woman’ video.”

So, go check out “Angry Woman” and be on the lookout for Rae out on October 14!

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