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Ava Max


Ava Max is a pop singer-songwriter from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Her breakout hit, “Sweet but Psycho,” topped charts worldwide, followed by hits like “Kings & Queens” and “So Am I.” Her music blends pop, dance, and electronic, and tackles mental health and self-acceptance. Max’s bold appearance includes her signature two-tone hair and colorful outfits.

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Bebe Rexha hit in face during concert

The Erasure of Concert Etiquette: Bebe Rexha, Cardi B, Ava Max, and More

In a sad turn of events, it appears that a new trend of anti-concert etiquette has been introduced to shows around the world. Concert Performers Face On-Stage Dangers Artists like Ava Max and Harry Styles have become entrenched in the recent trend of throwing things at concerts. One of the most recent occurrences was at a Bebe Rexha concert in which a fan hit her in the face with a phone. The event took place

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The Scarlet Opera

Music is Redefined with Theatric Group The Scarlet Opera, Heading on Tour with Ava Max

Meet the theatric, eclectic band who is sure to take over the charts after opening up for pop sensation Ava Max on her current tour. Pop Music’s Convergence with Musical Theatrics If the Greatest Showman could be condensed into a single band, it would manifest as The Scarlet Opera. Originally known as Perta, The Scarlet Opera is a five-man American rock band that has stormed into the music industry as of 2022. Hailing from Los

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Ava Max Instagram post 2023

Ava Max Goes On Tour (Finally): See the North America Dates

Singer/songwriter Ava Max is ‘finally’ going on tour this summer. Following the release of her newest album of 2023, Diamonds and Dancefloors, back in January, the dance pop-star will start her first North America tour. Ava Max’s “On Tour (Finally)” was announced on her Instagram on April 3rd. Max’s Tour Is All About Dancing Months after releasing her second studio album, a milestone in itself, Ava Max is wrapping up shows in Europe before heading

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