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Music is Redefined with Theatric Group The Scarlet Opera, Heading on Tour with Ava Max

Meet the theatric, eclectic band who is sure to take over the charts after opening up for pop sensation Ava Max on her current tour.

Pop Music’s Convergence with Musical Theatrics

If the Greatest Showman could be condensed into a single band, it would manifest as The Scarlet Opera. Originally known as Perta, The Scarlet Opera is a five-man American rock band that has stormed into the music industry as of 2022. Hailing from Los Angeles, California, the group has a presence that demands your attention. With influences from classic bands like Guns N Roses and iconic artists like Prince, The Scarlet Opera boasts energetic, funk-pop tracks with rock undertones. This all makes for quite an exciting listening experience. The band is refreshingly upbeat and musically distinct in their own way.

The Scarlet Opera is comprised of lead singer Luka Bazulka, guitarist Chance Taylor, drummer Justin Siegal, bassist Daniel Zuker, and pianist Colin Kenrick. Each member comes together in the most rambunctious, infectious manner – a cacophony of operatic vocals and funky instruments that create timeless artistry. The five artists converge into one sound, complementing each other in a passionate and expressive way.

2023 marks only the beginning for The Scarlet Opera. So far, the group has already released their latest single, “Big City Thing,” which they went on to perform on the Late Late Show with James Corden. Additionally, they have also played the famous Troubadour in Los Angeles – a venue where many of the greats got their own glamorous starts. With their timeless sound, we can see The Scarlet Opera headlining arenas, and eventually stadiums, in no time.

Ava Max: On Tour (Finally) with The Scarlet Opera

For one week only, you can catch the quintet performing as Ava Max’s opener, from May 31st to June 8th. Their leg of the tour kicks off in Michigan, followed by Illinois, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and comes to a close in New York. Tickets are still available on Ticketmaster. Lastly, make sure to stream The Scarlet Opera’s latest “Big City Thing” down below.

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