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Annie DiRusso Releases the Intimate “Infinite Jest”

Up and coming indie rocker Annie DiRusso pours her heart out on her latest drop, “Infinite Jest.” On this track, Annie tells the story of a long distance love that’s turned sour. The artist reps both NYC and Nashville, and you can hear the influences of both cities throughout her music. In Annie’s nine singles, she mixes garage rock sounds with catchy hooks. But “Infinite Jest” focuses on the garage rock sound with an emphasis on the intimate lyrics.

This track excels in its minimalism, focusing on DiRusso’s deeply personal and emotional lyricism. “Here’s what’s worse/ When it comes to us/ You thought you wanted me/ But you just wanted to be in love,” she sings before the song really takes off. The background of heavily reverbed guitar stays at bay until about the 3-minute mark, where it explodes into a cathartic release. Check out this Tik Tok from Annie DiRusso performing “Infinite Jest” live in Chicago, belting as she rocks out.


“Infinite Jest” live from Chicago in honor of release day ❤️ vid by the incredible @World Famous Muriel #indiemusic #guitargirl #liveband

♬ original sound – Annie DiRusso

What “Infinite Jest” Means to Annie

On Instagram, Annie DiRusso shared that she wrote this song in just two days and that it reflects a very specific moment in time in her life. Here’s what she says about “Infinite Jest”: “I wrote this song about being with someone who made me feel small. The process of writing this involved me admitting a lot of things to myself that I had been ignoring. I realized I was with someone who didn’t see or hear me, but simply liked the idea of having someone. It’s also about staying even after I recognized this empty reality, because ultimately – I liked having someone too.”

Catch Annie DiRusso On Tour

Annie DiRusso embarks on her first ever headline tour this May. She’ll bring Caroline Culver along on The Crying Everywhere Tour. The Boston, Chicago, and Nashville dates have all sold out, but you can still get your hands on some tickets for the other dates. Stay up to date with our Drops section to be in the know about all of Annie’s upcoming releases. And check in with our OnStage section for up-to-date tour info from all your favorite artists.

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