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Annabel Gutherz Is A Lone Star In “Interstellar”

At the budding age of 23, Music Daily's discovery artist Annabel Gutherz is poised and steadfast in the path toward her dreams.
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At the budding age of 23, Annabel Gutherz is poised and steadfast in the path toward her dreams. The singer-songwriter reigns from Montreal, Canada and this artist on the rise is Music Daily’s latest discovery artist. Her recent single “Interstellar” puts her songwriting and creative visionary to the test.

Annabel Gutherz: A Musician Is Born  

Annabel’s family embraces creativity of art. And so, Gutherz began writing her own music as a teenager. Songwriting became an outlet to process and escape her struggles as a young adult. Her most recent music release arrived November 9 along with a music video premiering on December 14. The beautifully written heart wrenching track is titled “Interstellar.” Moreover, Annabel Gutherz combines a pop hook with a rock sound driven by drums, electric guitars and climactic production. 


Not to mention Annabel’s melodies elegantly guide you through a wistful tale of heartbreak. Her poetic songwriting in “Interstellar” details a trip through reminiscing and missing an ex lover. Even more, Annabel did not get closure from her ex and as a result has unanswered questions. “You made me a star in your constellation / Left me with goodbye, no explanation / Guess I was wrong to think we would be forever / Now I’m lost somewhere interstellar,” Annabel sings in the chorus. 

And after the mistreatment and hardships she endured because of this person, Annabel Gutherz still has love in her heart for them. Although, she wishes she didn’t. She ponders how to grieve and move forward living with constant reminders of her ex. “How am I supposed to move on when I find you everywhere / Memories I can’t tuck away in drawers like some old souvenirs,” she sings. The memories are haunting and replay in her mind. From their dry humor, to their singing, and love notes, Annabel replays it all in “Interstellar.”

Gutherz Puts On A Theatrical Performance

In company with the new single came the atmospheric visual soon after. The “Interstellar” music video presents Annabel in a dark space with light bulbs encompassing her. This symbolizes the lyrics of her being the star in her ex’s constellation. As well as, she dresses in a sequin dress that glistens and star shaped hoop earrings. Check out the “Interstellar” music video by Annabel Gutherz down below:

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