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Alvaro Soler’s “Si Te Vas” Shares a Painful Message

Alvaro Soler gave us a surprise single at the beginning of the year, “Magia”. Now, he returns with “Si Te Vas”. Both songs will be included in his forthcoming album.

Alvaro Soler Shares the Pain of Relationships

Álvaro had decided to take a break from music to disconnect and return with more energy. However, the singer has left such a big mark on his audience that, precisely, his fans asked Álvaro to return with new music.

The singer, of course, did not leave them abandoned and released “Magia,” the first single from his upcoming project with a matching title. The song was hopeful and optimistic which gave back fans the joy of his music.

This time, Alvaro Soler is leaving pop aside to open his chest and launch a song where feelings and passion reign. In “Si te vas,” we get to see a new side of Alvaro’s artistic side.

In, “Magia,” Alvaro talks about the painful reality of when the person he loves decides it’s time to end the relationship, which he’s not ready for. He feels trapped and can’t stop thinking about all the memories they made together.

“This song speaks of the constant ups and downs of relationships. The closeness and the distance they entail, plus its emotional roller coasters,” Alvaro said about “Si Te Vas.”

Through its dramatic music video, Alvaro introduces us to his new song. In it, the singer lives a kind of kidnapping. He sends the message of when you cannot get a person out of your head. You get locked in your own thoughts and are not able to look further. Thus, it’s kind of like being “kidnapped” by yourself.

His forthcoming album, Magia, will be out everywhere on July 9. It will have a total of 13 songs, “Magia” and “Si Te Vas” being two of them. Hopefully, he will release one more song before the album comes out!

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