Almondmilkhunni Shines on Debut Album “Enjoy The Ride”

While the rising singer showcased her pop-R&B chops on her self-titled 2020 EP, Almondmilkhunni explores a digitally electric environment for her debut album, Enjoy The Ride. Just shy of a year’s worth of spontaneous singles, she felt ready to compile an 11-track relationship rollercoaster.

Born as Brandy Schwechler, the Philadelphia native rose to fame with the slow-burn success of “Grapefruit,” the single that caught Lil Yatchy’s attention. “One of the people who reached out to me after I dropped ‘Grapefruit’ was Lil Yachty. He said, ‘Yeah, I just listened to your song. I follow you on Twitter […]. He was giving me music advice, then I started making a lot of industry friends,” Almondmilkhunni told Flaunt.

Almondmilkhunni puts aside her pop-R&B chops on her debut album, Enjoy The Ride, a hyperpop exploration of a turbulent relationship.
Almondmilkhunni (Photo Credit: John Liwang)

With her success with the Almondmilkhunni EP, the singer uses glitch-pop fundamentals for her latest release, Enjoy The Ride. Whether it be pitching up vocals or experimenting with a UK-garage-adjacent production, Almondmilkhunni journals her ups and downs strategically. Tasteful snare drums turn songs “fake deep” and “liar” into the album’s favorite aggressors, whereas the additional synths on “MISS U” make for a cutesy and bubbly aesthetic.

The Kailee Morgue collaboration “ANXIETY” is probably Enjoy The Ride‘s most important oh snap! moment. “Can someone tell me that I’m not crazy? My heart and I don’t get along lately,” Almondmilkhhunni begins softly before crawling out of her skin onto a bombastic chorus.

Probably the most heartfelt moment comes with the album’s last track when all the anger, fights, and insecurity are gone. “Playlist” stands almost as a Charli XCX deep cut (most similar to “party 4 u”). Almondmilkhunni creates plenty of soft moments within an edgy, experimental pop album. Enjoy The Ride balances the singer’s intimate desires and innermost thoughts in a jaw-dropping arrangement of new-wave instrumentation.

Listen to Almondmilkhunni’s Enjoy The Ride below! Check out more Music Discoveries on Music Daily!
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