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2023’s Breakout Rap Star Sexyy Red

If you’ve been on social media lately, you are probably familiar with the budding St. Louis rapper Sexyy Red. Her consistent internet virality has made her skyrocket into a household name in less than a year. Following her breakout single “Pound Town” earlier in 2023, she has been awarded with a Nicki Minaj feature and an invite on Drake’s tour.  

If you've been on social media lately, you are familiar with the budding St. Louis rapper Sexyy Red.
Sexyy Red in “Hellcats SRTs” Music Video
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The Viral St. Louis Princess

Sexyy Red is smart when it comes to maintaining popularity in the music industry nowadays. She knows how to go viral on social media, she releases music consistently, and she has a clear-cut image. The “SkeeYee” rapper coins the “Sexyy Red” pose: poking her behind out and holding stacks of money in both hands. From her red hair to her blasé outfits and signature glasses, Sexyy’s looks are definitely a hot topic right now. Insecure men make failed attempts to masculinize her appearance, stating she “looks like a man,” which is done to other Black women like Megan Thee Stallion. Or, the haters say she is ugly—which is just blatantly false. But, Sexyy Red quickly shuts them down with foolhardy comebacks. And that is another reason her fans love her. 

Sexyy Red’s Authenticity

Her casual outfits consist of bikini or crop tops and booty shorts stamped with the phrase “free my baby daddy.” Besides that, her personality is just as authentic. Sexyy’s unfiltered interviews and videos she uploads to social media fully embrace her sense of humor and carefreeness. She has no shame when it comes to her sex life, both in the music and in person. Sexyy often raps about men pleasing her sexually and what she likes in the bedroom. Also, how she enjoys a rich man or a “hoochie daddy” who drives a fast car and has dreadlocks.

Her latest mixtape Hood Hottest Princess, released in June, opened up more opportunities for the 25-year-old. Producing notable viral hit songs “SkeeYee,” “Looking For The Hoes (Ain’t My Fault),” and “Hellcats SRTs,” the mixtape continues to rise on the charts. Hood Hottest Princess proves Sexyy Red is not a one-hit wonder. Even more, she has a knack for selecting beats and crafting hit club records.

Not only does her audience love her music and authenticity, but so does one of the world’s most prevalent artists of this generation, Drake. On August 13, Red announced she would be joining Drake for the remainder of the dates on his It’s All A Blur tour. Sexyy Red broke the news via Twitter, “We outsideee thank you drake!” To top it off, she revealed a collaboration with Drizzy is on the way. 

The rapper continues to tease new music and is currently on an impressive feature run. Red releases memorable features on tracks from artists A$AP Ferg, Lancey Foux, NLE Choppa, and more. Sexyy Red is never “too cool” to speak her mind or wear affordable outfits. The Hood’s Hottest Princess has a promising career ahead and there’s no doubt she is hijacking the spotlight right now.

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