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All About H.E.R. — Musical Influences and Impact

We are no strangers to watching artists pull inspiration from musical artists throughout the generations. And yet, H.E.R. does so in a way that is incredibly refreshing and respectful to her artistic influences. Learn more about the R&B singer here.

Having Everything Revealed About H.E.R.

Under the moniker of H.E.R. (Having Everything Revealed), Gabriella Wilson has taken the reins on her career and refuses to let up. Wilson has been surrounded by music for much longer than the average artist in the industry. At only ten years old, she was already covering Alicia Keys on the Today Show. Only two years later, she was gracing the stage of the BET Awards covering Keys yet again—a clear musical influence from the start. Music has been embedded in H.E.R. for the vast majority of her life. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that she’s finally rising to the heights of the stars she spent so long admiring whilst growing up.

Upon rebranding in 2016, H.E.R.’s very own idol, Alicia Keys, plus Usher, Pusha T and more, helped the emerging artist promote her debut EP, H.E.R. Volume I. And thus began a rewarding career that took off long before we were wise enough to take notice. She takes inspiration from some of the most iconic names in music history; the largest influence being none other than Prince. Others include BB King and Whitney Houston, to more modern artists like Drake and The Weeknd. Even in her appearance during the 2024 Super Bowl with Usher, she continues to pay tribute to those who paved the way for H.E.R. The most notable nod being to Jimi Hendrix and his iconic prowess on guitar, pictured below. She’s not afraid of attributing her success to her predecessors; in fact, she’s unapologetic about it.

H.E.R. at 2024 Super Bowl Halftime Show. Retrieved from @HERMusicx Twitter/X.
Retrieved from @HERMusicx Twitter/X.

From One Generation to Another: H.E.R. Impact

Drawing from some of the largest names in the industry, H.E.R. does a stellar job at taking the best parts of generations of music and presenting under one, solid front. To add on, H.E.R.’s enigmatic persona, usually hidden by sunglasses, adds an air of mystery to her image. This has become a major part of her brand, allowing the focus to point toward her music. Moreover, her ability to seamlessly blend traditional R&B elements with contemporary production has set a new standard in the industry. She’s influenced a new generation of musicians and has reshaped the landscape of modern soul music as we know it. She isn’t here to take over tabloids or engage in social media frenzies. Gabriella Wilson is authentic and loyal to her music, and it shows—in her discography and her five GRAMMYs.

Listen to H.E.R.’s discography down below and experience the talent for yourself:

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