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It’s All A Blur: Drake & J. Cole’s Joint Stadium Tour

Often hinted at and danced around, a new official collab between Drake and J. Cole was one of hip-hop’s “white whales” for years. As two members of rap’s current big 3, the eventual renewal of their shared history on “First Person Shooter” was exactly as J. Cole called it on the track: “big as the Super Bowl.” For fans of both artists, luckily, that momentum isn’t slowing down any time soon. The pair are hitting the road for a limited run. They’re starting in the next few months for the It’s All A Blur joint tour.

Drake and J. Cole Hit Stadiums Country Wide

Over the course of 32 nights from February to April, the duo will make their way through some of the biggest venues in the country. The artists are slated to play host to the biggest ones available in each city. Significantly, the size limitations have left off some of the biggest cities in the US from the docket. The tour agenda snubbed LA, Boston, DC and NYC. For fans in those huge metro areas, your best hope is neighboring locales. Shows in Buffalo and Long Island will be the closest thing for New York fans. Additionally, the best shot for West Coast devotees is a trip to Colorado.

With a few exceptions, each engagement on the It’s All A Blur tour will include two shows at each stop. Birmingham and Lexington are the only two stops on their run that will be true “one night only” affairs. Everywhere else has two back-to-back nights on the slate, no doubt scheduled to accommodate the expected demand for two artists their size.

A still of Drake from the initial leg of the “It’s All A Blur” tour. Taken from @champagnepapi on Instagram.

The It’s All A Blur Tour Shifts Dates By A Two-Week Window

If you were under the impression that the joint concert series was already underway, don’t worry, you’re not hallucinating. Originally slated to begin its run midway through this month, the tour was postponed for a few weeks. Its kickoff date was moved from January 18th in Denver to February 2nd in Florida. Those Colorado shows have instead been shifted to the end of the tour. Drake and J. Cole will be landing at Ball Arena for two final shows on April 15th and 16th.

There’s no way around it—getting tickets for this tour is sure to be no small feat. Tickets come with either a hefty price tag or a lengthy waitlist if you decide to leave it to chance. But, the opportunity to catch two of hip-hop’s biggest stars on the same night might just be cause enough to pay that price. Tickets are currently available on plenty of resale sites. However, to go the official route, you can head to Drake’s website.

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