Alicia Keys Remixes “Underdog” With Nicky Jam & Rauw Alejandro

Alicia Keys enlists Latin superstars Nicky Jam and Rauw Alejandro for a remix of her hit song, “Underdog.”

Different Lyrics, Same Message

This new take on “Underdog” spins the original around. It has a different twist from the first version, but still makes sure to the same message. With the vision the same, Nicky Jam and Rauw Alejandro made sure to give the song just touches of their unique style. They did add verses in Spanish, too.

The song talks about, as the title indicates, being an underdog. In the original version of the song, Alicia Keys sings about all the people who might be underdogs in the present but are preparing themselves for a brighter future. The lyrics state, “So I sing a song for the hustlers trading at the bus stop. Single mothers waiting on a check to come. Young teachers, student doctors. Sons on the front line knowing they don’t get to run. This goes out to the underdog. Keep on keeping at what you love. You’ll find that someday soon enough. You will rise up, rise up, yeah.”

The “Underdog” remix doesn’t share the chorus with the original version. Surprisingly, it has new lyrics. Nevertheless, Jam and Alejandro use the song to speak out about their own experiences being underdogs before having the successful music careers they have today. “I’m going to get out of the hole, I swore it to my mommy. 5 a. m. in the studio, I already want to sleep. Although I can’t anymore, I will keep going. Sleeping, dreams won’t come true,” Alejandro states during his verse.

From “Underdog” to Superstar

Jam also brought up his past and it’s comparison to today. “How many times did they tell me: ‘You are not good for this, you are not good for that.’ And I was always quiet and focused on the goal. My best friend was my notebook. You know, where I wrote all the goals I had. Get to succeed as I deserved. Not leaving the studio until the next day. And today I am here thanks to my people. And everyone who underestimated me now has to shut up. Because as long as I have God on my side. I am missing nothing.”

The lyrics of this song are relatable for anyone fighting to achieve their dreams, and it can serve as an inspiration for many. Listen to the new “Underdog” remix now, available on all platforms!

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