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Afro-Funk Band Ibibio Sound Machine Drops “Pull the Rope”

Ibibio Sound Machine continues to innovate with their latest release, 'Pull the Rope.'
Ibibio Sound Machine ‘Pull the Rope’ album cover art

A Sound Like No Other

There is nothing quite like Ibibio Sound Machine and their impressive fusion of sound. The eight members of the band are no strangers to experimentation, seamlessly mashing African and electronic components to create a whole new soundscape. Each of their albums exudes character and creativity, with their latest, Pull the Rope, being no exception.

Pull the Rope is the band’s first extended release since their stirring 2022 album, Electricity. It maintains all the trademarks that make the band so unique, while adding a few new twists along the way. At the same time, it manages to give listeners the same explosive experience that their previous releases have. In essence, Pull the Rope keeps a great thing going.

Sonic Innovation

Frontwoman Eno Williams seamlessly weaves between Nigerian and English on each track, further solidifying one of Ibibio Sound Machine’s key characteristics. Her smooth vocals decorate textured tracks that explode with complexity. Horns, synthesizer loops, groovy basslines and punkish guitar riffs pepper tracks like “Far Away” and “Fire.” These elements are just the tip of the iceberg that is the band’s sound. Despite the complexity of it all, they so seamlessly fuse it all together to create a masterfully produced experience. With each listen, there’s always something new to discover.

With Pull the Rope, the London-based band continues to innovate and push their sound in new directions. Tracks like “Touch the Ceiling” see them slow things down considerably, exploring a dreamy, twinkling soundscape. Nevertheless, it keeps a beating pulse that reaches a peak on tracks like “Mama Say” and “Got to Be Who U Are.” Williams’ vocals also take on a more relaxed feel. She doesn’t belt like she does on Electricity’s “17 18 19” or “All That You Want.” Instead, she uses her voice to give each track a coolness and attitude that’s not as prevalent as their other releases. Ultimately, her delivery stays intentional and powerful, and is simply wielded in a creative new way.

They’ll be playing a huge, multi-country tour, kicking off in the UK in May. In June, they’ll be playing in Croatia and Canada, and by July, they’ll be touring in the United States. Come August, they’ll be playing in multiple European festivals in the UK, Spain and Germany. Ibibio Sound Machine will return to the States throughout September, and then head back to Europe for more shows in October and November. Tickets are available on their website.

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