Aespa: ‘MY World’ review

'MY World', the third mini-album from aespa, is the group's primetime "pop it-girl" moment with electrifying singles.

K-pop is running 2023 and aespa’s third mini-album, MY World, puts them in first place. Even though their slow trickle of single makes this project feel well-deserved, MY World is really aespa’s “pop girl” moment. The six-track record is a light cyberpunk thrill enhanced with industrial and trap-pop production.

According to Hanteo’s data, MY World‘s first-day sales skyrocketed to 1,372,929 copies breaking their group’s previous record from second mini-album, Girls, with 806,891 copies. Not only that, but the new record already broke the group’s first week sales, all within 24 hours.

Aespa is the first K-pop act to have virtual avatars for its members. Giselle, Winter, Karina, and Ningning each have their own digital avatars known as “ae.” The digitally-innovative group said via Twitter ,“aespa is in the REAL WORLD! Welcome To MY World’ is a dreamy + majestic pop song!”

The album trailer’s disoriented, scenic nature shots center around the members wandering about deserts, cliffs, and fields in cream-colored attire. While it reads a bit post-apocalyptic, each member breathes new life into the 43-second clip.

Favorite Tracks from MY World by aespa

While the record’s opening track starts slow with the soft hum of summer cicadas, “Spicy” is that “everything-but-the-kitchen-sink” summer hit. It has guitar revvs, a rocky angst, electropop elements – simply everything. Aespa is known for producing infectious hooks and unbeatable songs, and MY World feels like a test of which can outdo the other.

In terms of an “everything-but-the-kitcken-sink” production, “Salty & Sweet” joins the ranks of “Spicy.” It’s no wonder salty, sweet, and spicy already go together naturally, and these two tracks are simply mouthwateringly good. The industrial vibe rips straight through “Salty & Sweet” with zips and whirrs as the group prances around a laser-filled theater.

Even if “I’m Unhappy” starts like an Ariana reject, aespa’s use of synths and an obscure piano melody makes the track unforgettable.

What is your favorite track from aespa’s third mini-album, MY World? Let us know in the comments.

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