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Sexyy Red Names Herself the Mayor Of ‘Pound Town’ for 2023

This year, the new self-proclaimed Hood’s Hottest Princess is Sexyy Red. Hailing from St. Louis, the 25-year-old was a contender for song of the summer with her viral hit “Pound Town.” 

“Pound Town” Goes Internet Viral

The Tay Keith-produced track rapidly caught fire when clips from the music video were uploaded to social media. Specifically, people found the second line of the track to be outrageously comical—check it out for yourself. 

The hard-hitting beat and catchy hook combined with hilarious punchlines made for an undeniable summer hit. Everyone began creating TikTok videos and became intrigued about the voice behind the “Pound Town” rapper. Now arenas can be heard shouting her viral lyrics.

As a matter of fact, “Pound Town” just so happened to be a freestyle. Sexyy Red approaches the beat with unconventional cadences and offbeat flows. And her infectious St. Louis accent distinguishes her sound. Talking openly and embracing one’s sexuality is nothing new in hip-hop, but Sexyy Red is able to put her own comedic twist on her sexually explicit music. 

The word of mouth about the sexy new St. Louis princess in town spread to none other than Nicki Minaj. Sexyy Red then received the ultimate seal of approval with a Nicki Minaj feature. The Trinidadian rapper hopped on “Pound Town 2” spitting a freestyle verse over the Tay Keith beat. TikTok and Nicki’s fan base, “the Barbz,” went crazy and the collaboration shot to No. 66 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Debut Mixtape Hood Hottest Princess

Sexyy Red ‘Hood Hottest Princess’

On top of that, Sexyy Red’s snippet of a brand new track, “SkeeYee,” became a trending sound on TikTok ahead of its release. With a promising career ahead, Sexyy Red had all eyes on her, waiting for her next move. Two weeks after the release of “Pound Town 2,” on June 9, Red released her debut mixtape, Hood Hottest Princess, featuring “SkeeYee.” The 11-track project sees features from Juicy J, Sukihana, and production from ATL Jacob, Tay Keith, Mac Fly, and more. Lyrically, the project does not vary from previous releases. She sticks to her sex-positive raps, speaks about using men for her own pleasure, and flaunts her radiant beauty.

On the funky xylophone trap beat “Nachos,” Red plays on the word “nachos” to tell a man she’s not his girl. Track six, “Sexyy Walk” praises women of all sizes and reassures you that you are indeed that b****. Then, she includes a strip club anthem for track seven, “Strictly For The Strippers,” featuring Juicy J, where Sexyy voices her support for strippers.

Sexyy Red Crowns Herself The “Female Gucci Mane”

In the eleventh and final track, she channels Gucci Mane for “Female Gucci Mane.”

Hood Hottest Princess highlights her knack for writing laughable and unexpected punchlines. It’s the perfect playlist of tracks to put on while dancing on tables with friends in the summer. Sexyy Red’s unapologetic and outspoken raps about her kinks and sex life mixed with her sweet and introverted personality make her relatable and hard not to love.

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