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▶ The Authentic Joey Bada$$ on “2000”

Ten years after the release of his debut mixtape “1999,” Joey Bada$$ releases his third studio album, 2000. The Brooklyn native and founder of Pro Era returns to his “authentic” self, pleasing fans and critics alike.

Joey Bada$$ Goes Classic

Before the album’s release, Joey Bada$$ recently collaborated with Chance the Rapper and Ab-Soul for two singles. In a promotional interview with VIBE, the rap veteran talks of returning to his roots. He says, “On the new album 2000, what should be expected is that classic Joey sound, you know what I’m saying? That authentic Joey. Everything that you want out of Joey Bada$$, you’re going to get from this project right here. I’m excited for


On “Survivors Guilt”

Two weeks ago, Joey dropped “Survivors Guilt” with Ab-Soul. The heartfelt single pays tribute to Capital STEEZ, his childhood friend and Pro Era member who died by suicide in 2012. Joey Bada$$, along with Ab-Soul, reflects on his fame and grief. He raps, “We was just two kids tryna make it out the bottom / Now I’m rich and rotten, everyday I think about him, it’s survivor’s guilt / Wishin’ I coulda stopped him, let alone just know how he feel.”



2000‘s Standout Tracks

“Where I Belong,” released weeks ago as a single, is one of 2000‘s standout tracks. With signature Joey Bada$$ confidence, the track boasts of a lavish lifestyle. Between bars bragging about fame and luxury, Joey reflects on all that he’s lost. He says, “I had to run it up and now I’m right back where I belong / And for my ****** dead and gone, I gotta carry on,” With a careful yet assured cadence, Joey Bada$$ assures us that he’s climbing back to the top and bringing his past with him.

Joey Bada$$ Gets Recognition from The Greats

Joey Bada$$ has been in the rap game for a long time, attracting the attention and respect of some of the genre’s greatest. “The Baddest,” 2000‘s opening track, features Diddy. The founder of Bad Boy Records introduces Bada$$ as “the baddest motherf***er in town.” Joey spends the rest of the track rapping nonchalantly over a piano, making sense of his stardom. Consequently, the Brooklyn native sets up the theme of the rest of 2000. 

Each track on 2000 brings something different to the table. Still, as Joey and his fans are quick to point, the 14-track album is reminiscent of his “1999” mixtape. Throughout the album, the Pro Era founder continues to reflect on his past and explore his future. Of course, he brings his audience a piece of the “authentic” Joey Bada$$ from a decade ago.

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