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▶ Featured Artist: Wet Leg

If you’re a fan of alternative/indie music, today’s featured artist is for you. This week, we are putting the spotlight on Wet Leg, a British indie rock duo founded in 2019 by Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers.

Getting International Popularity With Their Debut

Even though the duo just started releasing music in 2021, they got international popularity thanks to their debut single “Chaise Longue,” which now surpasses 28 million streams on Spotify!

Their self-titled debut album, Wet Leg, was released in April this year, and that made them gain even more fans that fell in love with their vibes and music. Some of the most popular songs in the 12-track album include “Wet Dream,” “Angelica” and “Being In Love.” Additionally, “Chaise Longue” is also featured in the album. 

Wet Leg Are Already Touring the World

So far, there is no news of new music from Wet Leg coming anytime soon, but that comes as no surprise since their debut album release is still pretty recent. Nevertheless, they are currently busy touring the world, so what can be better than that? At the moment, they are touring the United States making stops in Phoenix, Las Vegas, and New Jersey. Then, they will head down to Mexico City for one appearance in October, before coming back to the US. Later in the year, they will also visit different countries in Europe, the UK, and will even go to Japan. This duo never stops!

Where Does The Band Name Come From?

I know, you might be thinking that “Wet Leg” is a pretty eye-catching name for an alternative band. So, where did Rhian and Hester find the inspiration for it? The story is actually pretty funny and simple. 

The duo first met at Platform One College of Music on the Isle of Wight whilst studying for a BTEC National Diploma in Music Practice. After years of friendship, they decided to form a band together in 2019, and thought they would choose the name by playing a game. This game consisted of picking different emoji combinations. After getting to Wet Leg, they decided to stick with it. That same year they signed with Domino Recording Company.

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