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▶ Featured Artist: Maisie Peters in Her New Blonde Era

Today, we are featuring the English singer-songwriter, Maisie Peters. She recently started a new era of music and last month, releasing her current single “Good Enough.”

Get to Know Maisie Peters!

If you haven’t heard of Maisie Peters yet, you better get to it! Especially if you listen to artists like Taylor Swift, Camila Cabello, and Selena Gomez. In her music, Maisie writes about past experiences – from love, heartbreak, and everything in between. Her vocals are delicate and soft, making her songs even more vivid.

Maisie has been releasing original music since 2017. Nevertheless, last year, she released her debut album You Signed Up For This, which put her on the radar of many. (Us included!) She also gained the attention of artists like Ed Sheeran, who invited her to join him as a support act during his recent +-=÷x tour across Europe and the UK. 


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She’s Now a Blonde – And Wants the World to Know

But now that the craziness is over (for now!), she has gone back to releasing new music. Yes, less than a year after her album came out. And with a new era, a new look arrives. That’s right! Maisie is now a blonde, and she has made sure everyone (including her ex) is aware of it.

This May, she surprised us with the single that gave this new era a proper entrance – “Cate’s Brother.” Then, in August, she shared two more new singles only two weeks apart from each other – “Blonde” (yup, just like her new hair) and “Good Enough.”

Due to how much new music Maisie has been sharing, we shouldn’t be surprised if there’s another one coming our way soon! And we won’t complain either. So far, this era offers fun, empowering, and painful tracks. “Cate’s Brother” is the fun one – where Maisie expresses she has a crush on her friend Cate’s brother, and they have actually been dating! “Blonde” is the empowering, fierce tune. In it, Maisie lets her ex know that now that she’s a blonde, he better not try messing with her at all. Lastly, “Good Enough” is the painful one, where she reveals how her past relationship went and that she felt that she wasn’t good enough for him. Wow, such a whirlwind of emotions!

She’s Touring North America This November

But that’s not it. Since her tour with Ed ended at the beginning of the month, Maisie now announced that she will head over on an exclusive 5-date tour across North America! It kicks off on November 4 in New York, and will stop by Toronto, Chicago, and San Francisco before it wraps up on November 14 in Los Angeles. To get your tickets, visit


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Will you be attending her tour this November? Let us know!

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