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Mia Gladstone & Trent the HOOLiGAN Come Together for “SOCIAL MEDIA”

Mia Gladstone and Trent the HOOLiGAN just dropped a trippy and “loopy” new single called SOCIAL MEDIA, which criticizes… social media. Keep reading for a dive into this cool song and interesting artists! 

An Indie Alternative Icon

Starting off posting on Soundcloud in mid-2016, Gladstone would quickly get noticed in the music sphere. In fact, her first feature would be on Trent the HOOLiGAN’s single “Purple People,” a funny full circle to today. Since that first feature, she would also feature on many other notable artists’ tracks such as Yung Gravy’s “Mrs. Gravystone” and bbno$’s “pennies up.” 

Gladstone would soon release her first single “Close to You” in 2017, which became moderately popular. Since then, she has collaborated on numerous more tracks with Yung Gravy, bbno$, Tobi Lou, and Ciscero. Gladstone has released 13 singles, one EP, and one album, each gaining praise and recognition!

As a young artist, Gladstone is also not afraid to be outspoken about veganism, body dysmorphia and body positivity, and spirituality. 

Mesmerizing Trippiness in “SOCIAL MEDIA”

“SOCIAL MEDIA” premiered on Youtube on September 16th this year, and boy, did it pack a surprise. From slightly creepy visuals of a visually distorted Gladstone and Trent the HOOLiGAN, the music video was an editing masterpiece. The jarring transitions and random camera shots were actually very well blended together, and combined with the dreamy music itself, the video is a trip. Check out the music video here!


Featuring electric FX, synth piano and mellow brass instruments, the instrumental actually kind of slaps. Although the beat is pretty lowkey, Gladstone’s singing and Trent the HOOLiGAN’s flow perfectly compliments this instrumental in their own unique ways. Gladstone’s iconic singing voice paired with a far away reverb effect gives the beat an eerie vibe. On the other hand, Trent the HOOLiGAN’s amazing hip-hop style and flow gets the listener bobbing their head along to the beat. 

Mia Gladstone and TRENT HOOLiGAN

The song’s lyrics are very clearly bashing the use and abuse of social media nowadays. The song criticizes the addiction the youth have to social media when there are so many problems in the broader world: 


Should probably put the phone down / 

Pick up a bouquet / 

Cause the icecaps meltin’ / 

And polar bears dyin’ / 

If you take a look up out your window /

             Countries are fighting”

The song also describes how toxic social media can be, with societal pressures and a comparative attitude numbing all happiness: 

“F*** Instagram, f*** Twitter / 

Don’t tell mе what to post, you’re bitter / 

I’m a human with emotions / 

Won’t you let me fly, fly, fly, fly, fly”


Check out Mia Gladstone’s future projects by clicking here! 

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