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▶ Featured Artist: Lizzy McAlpine Sings “Hold On” For ‘Dear Edward’

Photo Credit: Caity Krone

Lizzy McAlpine, an American folk-pop singer-songwriter, is earning more and more professional attention as she continues to grow and expand her audience.

Lizzy McAlpine Writes & Sings “Hold On” For Apple TV+ Series

Dear Edward is a new Apple TV+ show, and singer-songwriter Lizzy McAlpine wrote and performed the main title song: “Hold On.” Most people have probably seen her name on other artists’ collaboration songs, such as FINNEAS or Jacob Collier. However, long-time fans of McAlpine know her work to be extremely relatable, emotionally evoking, and softly intimate.

lixxy mcalpine 'dear edward'

“Hold On” shows off that soft intimacy, capturing the feel of the show perfectly. Based on a book by Ann Napolitano, Dear Edward is about a 12-year-old boy who is the only survivor of a plane crash. McAlpine’s lyrics break down into the simplest yet most graceful terms the traumatic loss of being the only survivor.

Hold on to me
I’ll hold on to you
The world is moving on without me
Please show me how to

Listen to the official audio of the song below.

Collaborations And What Comes Next

While Lizzy McAlpine can certainly stand alone with her own music, her collaborations have proven to be very popular. One such collaboration is with FINNEAS and their song “hate to be lame.” The song was part of McAlpine’s album five seconds flat. It has over 26 million streams on Spotify, and the official music video has 1.6 million views on YouTube. For an artist who was, not long ago, only known by a few thousand listeners, anything in the millions is impressive.

Check out the live, acoustic version of “hate to be lame” below.

Lizzy McAlpine’s most popular song right now is “ceilings.” The last verse of the song has become a TikTok trend. The music video has 3.8 million views on YouTube. It has almost 123 million streams on Spotify. In the song, she sings about a love that seems off at first. Then, when you get to the end of the song, she reveals that the love was only ever alive in her fantasies.

Watch the official music video below.

Finally, according to Xander Zellner at Billboard, McAlpine is “already at work on her next album.” Zellner quotes McAlpine’s Billboard interview: “I feel like [2020’s Give Me a Minute] was close to what I think that I actually sound like. And then [Five Seconds Flat], I was trying to go as far away from that as possible, just to differentiate myself and not get stuck in the genre. This [next] album won’t sound like the first album, but it’s definitely closer to what I think I actually sound like as an artist. It feels like the most authentic music I’ve ever written.”

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