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Are you ready for a refreshing take on R&B, Rap, Soul, Rock, and everything in between? Well, listening to Genesis Owusu’s debut album Smiling With No Teeth will have you hearing more than that. The groovy conceptual album seamlessly travels through genres like flipping pages in a book.

Smiling At A Masterpiece

A story of a fight against depression in a materialistic world plays out. As the album goes on, Genesis Owusu uses a range of indie rock, hip-hop, and soul music to convey his feelings. From more chill songs like “Gold Chains” to rocking head bangers like “The Other Black Dog,” there is a something for every occasion.

The range that Genesis Owusu shows on the album, as well as some conscious lyrics, make for a complete project. In addition, the debut album’s self-titled single, “Smiling With No Teeth,” is an ironic groovy snippet that, despite its soulful nature, has quite a dark meaning to it all.

The Ghanaian-born, Australian-raised artist has impressed many with this first album. With such timeless music and a unique approach, Genesis looks to be the future of more than just one genre. The wave of funky guitar and vocals are on par with the likes a Anderson .Paak and Bruno Mars’ Silk Sonic.

Getting Into Genesis Owusu

Nonetheless, what you hear on the debut album that dropped early March is influence, talent, and experiments years in the making.

The up-and-coming artist stayed quiet after coming out with the smooth and lyrical 2017 Cardrive EP. However, Genesis Owusu is now paving the way for alternative rock and hip-hop. Since developing his sound and soul in lockdown, he’s now got a lot to say this time around.

In addition to the experimental aspect, the content in Genesis Owusu songs has substance. He can keep your head nodding along with your brain thinking. The single “Smiling With No Teeth” has a cool rhythm that also talks about how the good things in life can’t come without some work or sacrifice.

“Everybody wants the summer without holding the rain. Everybody wants the feeling without touching the pain. Everybody wants sweetness with tasting the bland. Everybody wants the help but they ain’t lending no hand.”

The whole project is about dealing with the pressure and the pain that comes with every life. There are definitely times in the album where Genesis is able to let go, as well, such as in “Don’t Need You.” He helps you have fun, while also not turning away to what is real.

The line between rock, hip-hop, and rap are being blurred more and more everyday to make the best music possible. Genesis is doing just that with this refreshing new project. He takes you on sonic journeys full of boundless elements of soul, hip-hop, post-punk, pop, and beyond. This showcases not only Genesis Owusu’s remarkable talent and creativity, but possibly the future of music.

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