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Sinead Harnett Is More Than Ready With Album Dropping Now

If you haven’t heard of the angelic voice that is Sinead Harnett, now is the time to get acquainted. The singer-songwriter isn’t new to the music scene, but after Ready Is Always Too Late, she just might blow up.

A Large Musical Range

The London native mainly performs a mix of nineties R&B with soulful melodies, but also some pop hits. Sinead Harnett combines all three styles with stellar vocals and lyrics that hit your soul.

Harnett didn’t gain much traction after dropping her debut album in 2017… at least, until 2019’s Lessons In Love came aroundThe artist found critical acclaim for original, thoughtfully crafted songs, such as “If You Let Me,” also that showcased her musical range.

Since that drop, Sinead did what most of us had to doing 2020: take a break. After working alone for months and eventually making the move to Los Angeles, Sinead’s began to work full steam. Of course, with her authentic music.

Sinead Harnett Is Ready… Or Will Be Soon

This past December she teamed up with EARTHGANG for “Take Me Away,” a laidback, cruising tune about the past year. It marked the start of her new campaign for a brand new album and era.

Then, Harnett went and dropped a mind blowing cover of Aaliyah’s iconic “At Your Best (You Are Love).” This was followed up by four new songs that will soon appear on her new album, Ready Is Always Too Late. The album is set to drop on May 21 and has already garnered the attention with it’s lead singles.

Songs like “Hard 4 Me 2 Love You” truly capture Harnett’s smooth vocals and takes you on a journey sonically. In contrast, “Last Love” is an upbeat and bumping track that showcases the rhyme and soul that the singer can unexpectedly hit you with.

Sinead has videos for all of her new songs, so definitely check those out below. Also, make sure to lookout for her album on May 21.

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