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▶ Featured Artist: Feid

Colombian artist Feid is making incredible waves with this more intimate and vulnerable approach to reggaeton. Truly, he stands out from the crowd, as most of his contemporaries would rely on sexual themes and appeal to base their hits off of. Yet, for Feid, he shows off the importance of genre mixing and actual impactful theming. Now, let’s take a dive into how this all happened. 

The Origins of Feid: 

Salomón Villada Hoyos was born on August 19th 1992. He grew up learning how to play the clarinet but soon found that he had a love for singing. He gave up that instrument and went full throttle into that vocal space. While in college, he took singing classes and joined the college’s choir. Eventually, he focused on making his skill into a career. Going into reggaeton because he thought that’s what younger people were into.

From that point on he worked with immense talents like J. Balvin and Sebastian Yatra, two stars within the reggaeton genre. After a super successful remix of “Porfa,” well let’s just say that 247 Million views is nothing to scoff at. 

Here and Now: 

Feid is nothing like other mainstream contemporaries. He’s got a much more chill vibe and stimulating lyrics about intimacy and other engrossing themes. I for one really like this approach because there’s more of something to attach to. It isn’t just dance music or radio play selling sex. His latest example of this is the longing and bombastic “Normal.” 

TL;DR this guy’s got something to say and has the skill and talent to back it up thanks to years of studying and experience. 

Make sure to check him out on YouTube and Spotify! That’s it for now. For more on your favorites and unknown check out our Word and Drops sections. 

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