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▶ Featured Artist: chloe moriondo Brings Out The “Hell Hounds”

chloe moriondo has released her newest single, “Hell Hounds,” alongside the deluxe version of her second studio album Blood Bunny.

From Detroit to Debut

Chloe moriondo 2022
Image Provided by Elektra Music Group

Chloe Moriondo, stylized as chloe moriondo, is an American singer-songwriter and YouTuber. chloe moriondo’s music can be described as a combination of indie pop and bedroom pop. This blend leaves listeners with personal, intimate spaces where they feel they can relate to her lyrics.

She started her YouTube channel back in 2014 with music covers of her favorite songs. In 2017, she posted her first original song, “waves,” which was about the different, complex emotions felt when you’re finding it hard to be happy. The next year, she self-released her debut album, Rabbit Hearted. moriondo then continued to make music with her first EP, Spirit Orb, in 2020. Later that year, signed to the label Fueled by Ramen. Since then, moriondo has released several singles, like “I Want To Be With You” and “I Eat Boys.” In 2021, she gave fans her second studio album, Blood Bunny. This past April, her fans got another small taste of new music in moriondo’s second EP, puppy luv, before the artist released Blood Bunny (Deluxe) at the beginning of June.

blood bunny deluxe album cover
Image Provided by Elektra Music Group

chloe moriondo’s Newest Single: “Hell Hounds”

“Hell Hounds” is the last track of moriondo’s Blood Bunny (Deluxe). The song is full of confidence and dominance. moriondo sings about how she’s going to retaliate against people who are disrespectful and abusive. In her lyrics, she mentions collars, leashes, cones, and more. moriondo makes her meaning clear: anyone who acts like a dog will be treated like a dog.

Check out the music video below!

moriondo is going to perform at several festivals in the upcoming months. She will also be embarking on a tour of her own starting October 12th. Tickets can be found on her website here.

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