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Zoe Wees Teases Debut EP With “Ghost”

Breakout artist Zoe Wees will be debuting her first EP, Golden Wings, on May 21. The German star celebrated the big news by releasing her latest single, “Ghost,” which will be on the upcoming record.

Zoe Wees’ Record-Breaking Debut

Zoe Wees’ first single, which will be featured in Golden Wings, was “Control,” which came out in March 2020. It not only marked her debut release, but it also surpassed over 145 million streams on Spotify, which is definitely an amazing start for a brand new artist.

Her next solo single, “Girls Like Us,” didn’t come out until January of this year, but it also went viral. The transparency in each of her lyrics (in all her songs) is certainly one of the factors that are capturing people’s attention – along with her evident vulnerability.

Both singles will be included on Golden Wings and accompanied by her newest track. “Ghost” highlights Zoe’s astonishing voice and is complemented by deep, meaningful lyrics. “One more time I wish. You’d hold me in your arms. Help me to forgive. All that you’ve done wrong. Lost without your light. I can’t see myself anymore…You got me looking in the mirror for ghosts. I can’t believe I let you so close. And now I, I want to but I can’t let you go. ‘Cause you left me in this place on my own.”

Learning About “Ghost” And Golden Wings

Zoe shared via Genius what “Ghost” talks about. “This song was written about letting someone get too close, even if you know they can hurt you. It’s about the feeling of being vulnerable to that person in a way that could basically destroy your life. It was also written in one of my first writing sessions so it feels special to release it.”

Golden Wings will feature two more unreleased songs, “Hold Me Like You Used To” and “Overthinking,” which brings the EP tracklist to five songs total. Speaking with LooMee TV, Zoe shared, “Every song is autobiographical and very special to me. In a way, the EP was written as a personal therapy, with each track helping to address my own mental health. I chose the title Golden Wings to symbolize the feeling of ‘security and strength.’ These two things are the foundation from which hope can grow. I hope people can relate to my stories in their own way.”

The Hamburg, Germany native and 18-year-old has an undeniably successful career ahead of her. We can’t wait for Golden Wings to be out and to also see what else she has been working on! 

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