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Yorke Feels ‘Ten Feet Tall’ In New EP

Grace Hughes, better known as Yorke, is an Australian singer and songwriter. She just released her new EP ten feet tall, and we are absolutely thrilled.

Grace Hughes, better known as Yorke, just released her new EP "ten feet tall," and we are absolutely thrilled.
Photo Credit: Brianna Da Silva. @thisisyorke On Twitter

Yorke: The Australian Pop Artist You Need To Know

If you don’t know who Yorke is, we’re here to fill you in. In 2019, she was an opening act for fellow Australian artist Ruel, who you may know from his singles “Dazed & Confused” or “GROWING UP IS___.” Since then, Yorke has been sharing exciting new music, and letting us getting to know her better.

In 2020, she delivered her debut EP, Liberosis, which included seven special songs like “First Light” and “Promise.” Addionally, last year, she collaborated with a duo that we love, joan, for their track “window shopping.” Now, she’s giving yet another EP that we can all enjoy.

Exploring Love And Heartbreak 

Ten feet tall features five exclusive songs like “next life” and “i’ll keep driving.” They showcase Yorke’s soothing angelic vocals, and a clear tendency for an alternative pop sound. Besides, she talks about being in love, heartbreak and everything that being 24 years old incorporates. “I picture every song on the EP as its own story,” Yorke says. “Each song takes you on a journey when listened to alone, and then together, they narrate a big part of my life in the past few years.”

Then, to celebrate the new EP, Yorke recently shared a visual for one of the songs in the project – “like in the movies.”

It’s simple yet empowering, with Yorke singing the song with all the emotions that one can feel after their heart gets broken. “We shot the ‘like in the movies’ visualiser at the Bangalow Show, which is somewhere I frequented as a kid,” she said. I love how still the visual is, and how that honours the tracks meaning of realizing you can’t write your own narrative. It suits it perfectly. Seeing as this track is the opener, watching these visuals in order would make a lot of sense now. It’s the song before the journey begins.”

She’s Touring Australia In February

And so, if you like Yorke and you happen to live in Australia, you’re in luck! She will be touring there in February on 3 exclusive dates in Melbourne, Sydney, and Fortitude Valley. For more information and to get your tickets, visit

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