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What We’re Hoping From Olivia Rodrigo’s “SNL” Debut

Olivia Rodrigo preparing to make her Saturday Night Live debut. The 17-year-old singer-songwriter will be taking the iconic Studio 8H stage on May 15. 


A Star Is Born

It seems like Olivia Rodrigo fell from the sky one day and took over the airwaves the next. That might be the case for some, but others know that Olivia Rodrigo has been waiting for this day. She’s been writing immaculate heartfelt songs for years. Her stunning and sickly sweet vocal range came long before that. Her acting chops were recognized from a young age, too, and helped propel her stardom.


Before she was Olivia Rodrigo, the record-breaking lovechild of Taylor Swift and Lorde, she was an actress. Actually, she is still an actress, currently starring in the Disney+ show, High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. It was not even a year-and-a-half ago when that show truly put her name on the map. Now, she’s not just a name on the map, as she is a household name and a global sensation. 


If her hit pop songs aren’t enough to prove that to you, maybe the amount of records she has broken can. Not only did her song “driver’s license” reach No. 1 on the charts in just one week, but it shattered a record on Spotify. We are living through the peak of the streaming age of music – and Olivia Rodrigo solidified that. She broke the record for the streams a song has ever received in one week. And she did that with her debut solo single. Clearly, she’s much more than just Saturday Night Live material.


Live From New York, It’s Olivia Rodrigo!

As a solo artist, Olivia Rodrigo has only released two songs. Yet, she is so cemented in the music industry and modern pop culture that she is SNL‘s upcoming musical guest. That’s no small feat. It’s also important to note that she joins the ranks of one of the veteran comedy shows youngest performers. (At least, in the musical category. Drew Barrymore hosted the show at only 7-years-old, and most people can’t compete with that.)


The rising superstar is in good company, though. Hanson were only 12, 14, and 17 when they visited SNL. The Jonas Brothers were 16, 19, and 21 during their visit to the iconic NYC stage. Britney Spears was only 18 when she was both the host and musical guest. It’s thrilling to know that it is Olivia Rodrigo’s turn to wow the generation-spanning audience with the talent that the world has quickly grown to love.


In her short time becoming a massive figure in media, Olivia Rodrigo has already been on SNL. Not physically, but musically as “driver’s license” became it’s own skit. She was name-dropped in it, of course, and the rumored backstory of the song was dissected by those in the skit. The cast members broke into song, too, which we can only hope is reprised when Rodrigo is actually present on set. 


The starlet’s debut studio album, Sour, comes out just a week later on May 21. Fans are gearing up for a record filled to the brim with heartbreak, love letters, and raw talent. Rodrigo’s affinity for piano-driven melodies and lucious harmonies is admirable. The vulnerability within her songs is even more so. 


Deja vu,” her sophomore single, has only been out in the world a few weeks. Yet, there’s just as much frenzy over it as “driver’s license.” This star’s music is unforgettable. The lyrics tell stories that are classic, timeless, and oh-so-very wise. It’s eveident that even Rodrigo’s youngest and oldest fans can both take something away from her songs. Therefore, proving she can hold her own on the widespread, distingiooused Saturday Night Live stage.

Tune in to catch the rising superstar on SNL May 15. We’re crossing our fingers she uses her acting skills in at least one skit. And we’re crossing both our fingers and toes that she brings both “driver’s license” and “deja vu” to life. The more live performances we can get from Olivia Rodrigo in an era of little to no live shows, the better.

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