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What Happened at The Weeknd’s Concert in Milan (Italy)

The Weeknd’s first Italian show was an absolute success. On his date at the Milan hippodrome, the Canadian artist was able to appreciate all the affection of the 80 thousand fans who came from all over Italy, Europe and also some (actually way more than “some”) from North America.

Two dates – July 26th and the next one was the 27th with another group of 80k – for a total of 160.000 people in two day. 

The problems with the location

A bizarre choice of location, since everyone was expecting the artist to perform at the San Siro, the famous AC Milan soccer stadium. The thing is San Siro was already booked for the Maneskin’s concert (7/24) and it was basically impossible to clean everything and prepare this kind of show in just a few days. So here comes the questionable decision to let The Weeknd play at the hippodrome. And I say questionable because since it’s a huge open space (and 80 thousand people are a lot) it was kinda hard for everyone to see the actual show. 

A gladiator in the rubble

The stage was beautiful with the dancers performing in a cinematic scenario which reminded of Metropolis by Fritz Lang. Also an impressive vocal performance by Abel who sang most of his greatest hits including “Take My Breath,” “Starboy,” “Save your tears,” “Die for You,” “Often’” and “Blinding Lights.” 

Two actual hours of concert, not counting Mike Dean and Kaytranada’s openings which entertained the public from 7pm to 9pm. Abel wore a silver mask – resembling that of MF Doom – for half the show, when at one point he took off his mask, staging a dialogue with his deepest self. And that’s when the character The Weeknd went away and Abel Tesfaye took control. The rest is interactions with fans, crazy runs on and off the stage and that sincere happiness for making it. 

After Hours Til Dawn is The Weeknd’s last tour?

The second leg of the tour will now continue in Europe (France, Germany, Poland) and it will end in Latin America on October 15th in Santiago, Chile. 

It could also be Abel’s last tour as The Weeknd, as he also said recently in some interviews (“I already said everything I could say”). Time will tell. 

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