December 01, 2022
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WALLIS “Lonely Christmas” Hits 1,000,000+ Views on YouTube


Courtesy of Maris
Courtesy of Maria Schriver

WALLIS Previously Unknown Artist Gets 1,000,000 Views

“Lonely Christmas” is the first-holiday single released by an unknown artist using WALLIS. Moreover, researching, WALLIS is a 15-year-old artist that went viral after recording the song “Lonely Christmas” and posting it on her YouTube account. After about two weeks, she had millions of views. Fans began posting the song on Reddit, and it caught the eye of Ellen DeGeneres. DeGeneres shared the video across all of her social channels. One DeGeneres spread the word; everyone began watching the video. “Lonely Christmas” has become a worldwide hit for the young singer/songwriter.

In a press release from Michael J. Media Group, Wallis said she had no idea her song would be a hit:

“I am still in awe. When we released it, I was expecting to have a few family and friends tune in, but we never expected this incredible reaction,” exclaims WALLIS. “Loneliness is a universal feeling, regardless of if you’re surrounded by people or are literally alone. Though everything may feel so permanent right now, this song is a message of hope. Like I sing in the song, ‘It’s alright, we’re just stuck at a red light.’”


WALLIS has a soulful and technically sound vocal belie her young age. She made the song a family affair by adding both of her sisters to sing harmony. WALLIS’s father helped complete the song in their home studio. It took about two weeks to complete the track. After it eas mixed, the family decided to move on to making a music video. The video was shot in one day using an iPhone 11XR. The single spread from YouTube to Reddit’s/Music subreddit, where it became an immediate success – even becoming the top post on Reddit’s What’s Hot page.

Check out the WALLIS video below where she is performing “Lonely Christmas.”



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