December 09, 2022
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Georgia Comes Alive Virtual Concert Announces Schedule for Saturday


Georgia Comes Alive on Saturday, December 26th.

Georgia Comes Alive aims to promote voter participation in the upcoming Georgia runoff elections. The plan is to support local grassroots organizations like the Georgia Coalition to raise money. Check out for details on how to get into the concert to stream it live.

Additionally, Georgia Coalition also partnered with Participant, the new film John Lewis: Good Trouble.

Americans turned out in record numbers to vote during the 2020 elections, largely thanks to the dedicated activism of grassroots organizations…[Moreoever], the Georgia elections were so close that the state’s two senatorial seats are being decided in a runoff election… [Therefore], the Georgia runoffs will be decided by local voters, the results will have national implications, as the Senate majority hangs in the balance. – Georgia Comes Alive

After you donate, you will receive an email with information on how to stream the live performances.

Additionally, donations coming in will go to the Georgia Coalition for the People’s Agenda and CivicGeorgia. Georgia Comes Alive is tomorrow with Ari Fink as the host.

Thus, 50 bands have come together to participate in the live stream within 24 hours. Some of those bands include; The Foo Fighters, Dave Matthews Band, Diplo, Ben Folds, Grace Potter, and The Suffers.

The full schedule is below:



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