Violet Skies Looks Up Her Ex On “The Internet”

English singer-songwriter Violet Skies released her latest single “The Internet,” speaking up about looking at your ex’s social media.

“The Internet” arrives as Violet’s first offering of the year. Last year, she teamed up with Billy Lockett for “Talk,” and with Taska Black for “When I Come Home.” 

Violet Sees Looking Up Your Ex on “The Internet” As Healthy

Have you ever wondered what your ex is doing now that the two of you have broken up, so you look at his social media? Yes, I know, we all have fallen for that moment of weakness. But it turns out, on “The Internet,” Violet sees looking at your ex’s social media not as something negative. 

Violet says looking up your ex on “The Internet” is something normal, as this was a person you truly cared about for a moment in your life. “I looked you up on the internet ’cause somebody mentioned you. I looked you up on the internet to see if you’re happy too. And we don’t need to talk, ’cause thеre’s nothing left to say. But I’m checking up on you, seeing if you’rе okay,” she sings in the chorus.

“‘The Internet’ was written after I stayed up one night looking up an ex on the internet,” Violet says. “I didn’t feel compelled to call them, or speak to them, or even want to see them — but I wanted to know how they were doing. It’s a complicated mix of curiosity, caring, and a little comparison too. We all check on our exes (you’re lying if you don’t my darlings!!), and I wanted to write about this in a way that explained that heady combination of all these feelings + internet weirdness.” 

The accompanying music video sees Violet trying to run away from her past ghosts, but ultimately giving in. Filmed in a beautiful green field, it offers viewers another way to appreciate this truthful song. Go check it out if you haven’t yet!

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