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Valley Launches ‘Lost In Translation’ Headlining Tour

Rising indie-pop band Valley announces that they’re going to hit the road this spring for a North American tour.

Valley Will Celebrate Their Upcoming Album

Celebrating their upcoming album Lost In Translation, Valley is taking over 27 cities in the United States and Canada from April 13 to June 3. The timing for the tour might sound off for some people, as the album officially comes out on June 23. Nevertheless, a few weeks ago, the band gave us the lead single off the album, “Throwback tears.” Thus, it’s very likely that they will be premiering the songs of the new album on this tour and play some fan-favorite tracks as well.

Notably, the “Lost In Translation” tour will stop by cities like Montreal, Boston, Nashville, Houston, Vancouver, and Denver, before wrapping up in Columbus, OH on June 3. Also, special guests Aidan Bassett and Devon Cole will join them at different stops of the tour.

Lost In Translation’ Is the Band’s Second Album

As a matter of fact, Lost In Translation will arrive as Valley’s sophomore album, following 2019’s MAYBE. MAYBE will always be our teenage diary, our coming-of-age story, our first love and first record,” vocalist Rob Laska says. “Lost In Translation is those same best friends navigating their mid 20s and questioning ‘what now? What really matters to us?’ And what might’ve been lost along the way. Between MAYBE and now, we’ve done more soul searching together than ever. We’ve travelled the world, we’ve accomplished a lot we never thought was possible. We’ve followed every single path to get nowhere and everywhere. It’s a very caught in a thought and seeking album. It poses more questions than answers. It’s honest, it’s confusing, it’s pop, it’s nostalgic, it’s black and white, its colourful, it’s unpredictable, it’s simple, it’s Valley, Lost In Translation.”

Where To Get Your Tickets + VIP Packages!

And so, if you have interest in more information and want to buy your tickets, visit Valley is also offering a special VIP package for each city where you can get access to a soundcheck party, a Q&A, and a group photo with the band! Check availability for your city here

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