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USA, Canada and Europe: Imagine Dragons’ Mercury Tour goes on

Despite the crazy situation we’re all living in, the Mercury Tour goes on. It’s the fourth concert tour by American pop rock band Imagine Dragons, 4 years after the Evolve World Tour (2017-2018). Based on their last album “Mercury – Act 1,” the tour started in Miami, on the 6th of February, and is scheduled to conclude on July 16 in Paris. The first stage, as easily predictable, is North America. From Miami to Phoenix for the USA, and after that 11 dates in Canada until the 4th of May.

But there’s more. Because the band is gonna have a full summer of music. Indeed, from the end of May to July 16,all the European dates are scheduled. The luckiest countries will be Germany and Spain, respectively with 3 and 2 dates. Hannover, Berlin and Mönchengladbach for Germany and, instead, Madrid and Santiago de Compostela for Spain.

Dates cancelled in Ukraine and Russia

Cancelled instead the shows scheduled in Ukraine and Russia for obvious reasons. Ukrainians and Russians now have something more important to think about. Imagine Dragons, on their social media, communicated their closeness to the Ukrainian peoples. “In light of recent events, we’re sad to announce our Russia and Ukraine shows are cancelled until further notice. Our thoughts are with Ukraine and all others suffering from this needless war” – wrote the band.

Prices and next performances

Anyway, back to the tour, the standard tickets are around $50, while the VIP ones can also cost more than $500. The prices are pretty normal, especially if we think about the complexity of the event. Furthermore, organizing a live tour in a year like this is a challenge, as evidenced by the many canceled tours.

Next appointments: 5th and 7th March in Seattle, then Portland, L.A. and the Footprint Center in Phoenix. Despite everything, Imagine Dragons want to go ahead with their music.

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