December 09, 2022

Unlike Pluto – ‘Pixelated Oblivion’ Album Review


Unlike Pluto has released his newest album, Pixelated Oblivion, and it’s super relatable.

Unlike Pluto’s Newest Release

Armond Arabshahi, known by his stage name Unlike Pluto, is an American singer-songwriter and producer. His newest electronic rock album, Pixelated Oblivion, has followed the release of his 2021 album, Loud Fantasy, Quiet Reality.

In 2013, the artist released his debut album, We Are Plutonians. Since then, he has had 8 studio albums, with Pixelated Oblivion as his 9th.

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Unlike Pluto: Photo Credit to Artist

‘Pixelated Oblivion’ Review

The album begins with the song “Have Fun.” “Have Fun” expresses the frustration that comes with seeing misinformation and interacting with those who place opinions before facts.

“I’m Not Surprised” and “Digital Junkie” both play with mid-range, guttural growls and other metal elements. Following that, “Against the Timeline” takes down the music intensity level from the metal. It brings in more electronic and alt rock aspects. The track is about those who have ideas about who they are as a person, and those who have no idea who they are at all.

Unlike Pluto takes a different turn in the album with “Sorry to Bother You.” Instead of deep, metal vocals, he uses his falsetto voice for most of the vocals in the song. He sings about waiting too long to say something important, like waiting to tell someone you like them, or waiting to stand up for yourself. His lyrics explain that life will just pass you by if you wait too long.

“Comatose Scenery” ends the album. Unlike Pluto sings about being tired of life. His lyrics convey the need to just drive away and leave the boring parts of life behind him.

Overall, Unlike Pluto’s Pixelated Oblivion has different elements in it that deliver each song’s meaning. Even though the album only came out a few weeks ago, the singer is already working on more music. His newest song, “Fata Morgana,” was released on his YouTube a few days ago. Unlike Pluto is sure to continue taking listeners on relatable journeys with him through his music.

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