Tyler Meacham Unveils “As If What She Says”

Emerging indie-pop artist Tyler Meacham has released her latest single “As If What She Says.” 

Tyler Dives Into the Fray of Life

A standout from her Into The Fray album due February of next year, “As If What She Says” is a song about “self-worth, self-love, and body image,” according to Tyler. “The story told in the first verse of this song characterizes my inner-critic as a mean girl who never sees me as good enough. Halfway through the song, the tone shifts a bit. Although the lyrics are the same, the feeling I’d like to convey is a reclaiming of that self-image,” Tyler shares. 

 Now, Tyler is ready to continue moving forward into the fray of life. “Whether I’m writing a song about anxiety or relationships, I often start without realizing there’s something I need to process. “By the end of writing it, I’ve hopefully discovered something new. I try not to shy away from authenticity and vulnerability in my songwriting. I know I’m not the only person in the world that struggles with mental health.”  

Getting Emotional on “As If What She Says”

Tyler’s versatile approach has led her to develop tracks spanning from fully produced pop to more stripped-back sonic affairs. Lyrically, everything she writes is inspired by experiences from her past; honing in on love, loss, and her personal struggle with anxiety and self-esteem. “It’s really important to me that as an artist, I’m not just a pretty girl writing pretty pop songs. If there’s a message about something I believe in and it will fit into a song that I’m working on, I’m going to share it.”

With Into The Fray, there is definitely a through-line to take away about how our relationship with self can transform our relationships with others. “I hope people hear these songs and maybe feel a little less alone; a little less lost in whatever it is life has presented them with,” Tyler adds.

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