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Trio Band Daughter Drops “Be On Your Way”

Indie folk band ‘Daughter’ has dropped their newest single “Be On Your Way” two weeks ago. Along with the return and the single, the trio have announced their upcoming album, Stereo Mind Game. The album will be releasing on April 7.

Daughter is an UK based indie folk trio. The band consists of lead singer and London native Elena Tonra, Swiss guitarist Igor Haefeli, and French drummer Remi Aguilella. After being together for a decade, the band’s chemistry is unmatched and it shows through their music.

The Birth Of Daughter

Daughter promoting their 2016 Granada concert

Daughter was formed in 2010. It started with Elena, who from young was writing music. When she began her career in music, she met Igor, who attended an acoustic show that Elena was performing for. Igor had stated that Elena “had this power which drew everyone in.” Igor additionally was attending the London Institute of Contemporary Music Performance, where Elena was also attending. The pair met during a songwriting course and began to perform together. The two became romantically involved but decided to keep their relationship separate from the band.

Remi, the drummer, was also attending the same university. In an interview with Modern Drummer, he states that he took a class where he was the only drummer to play for twenty-four different songwriters. In this class, he met Elena and Igor who at the time were only performing as a pair.

The trio released their debut EP, His Young Heart, in April of 2011. Later in 2011, they released another EP, The Wild Youth which earned high praises and even earned them an invitation to perform for BBC Radio 1 by DJ Huw Stephens. From there, the band’s fanbase grew. In 2012, they signed to UK label 4AD, releasing their debut album If You Leave in March 2013.

“Be On Your Way”

The trio mostly makes indie rock and folk music. Elena’s strong voice stands out while Igor and Remi support her with their guitar and drums. Their music gives sort of an ethereal feel, between the guitar picking that Remi does and the light drumming that Igor does to make sure that he doesn’t take away from the indie feel.

In “Be On Your Way,” Daughter finds a way to make a heartbreak sound delicate and graceful. The calmness and confidence in Elena’s voice shows maturity in the heartbreak. She starts the song by singing:

“I won’t hold you back / Time throws us along / And there is never just one human/ That the heart should lone belong.”

Elena Tonra – “Be On Your Way”

The song emphasizes the sadness of a heartbreak, but also how if things are meant to be, they will be. Endings like that can be pretty peaceful, which is the feeling that this song gives. You can listen to the song here:

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