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Toronto Rapper Kofi Drops New Album “Why Not?”    

Toronto rapper Kofi is back with his latest project Why Not? This is his second release with Red Bull Records. A 12-track album includes previously released singles “Haunt Me” featuring 2KBaby and the self-produced “On Me” that’s featuring African influences. 


Toronto Rapper Kofi Drops New Album “Why Not?”    

Why Not?

The album opens with an effective opener with crisp vocals, that fade into a guitar-driven track with honest lyrics. There are unique features with artists Noodah05 and Pisceze. The album shows its versatility in sound and production with directions of Latin vibes and African influences. 

I don’t really care where you come from

Cause you don’t really know where I been

Quote from Track one Diamond.

He uses several different production styles to move the album along and keep his listeners interested in his words throughout. Kofi continues with the strong storytelling on “Story Of My Life 2.” He closes out the album on a soulful note with “DJ” and “That’s Why?”


Toronto Rapper Kofi

Extraordinarily hardworking, Kofi is a perfectionist. He is an artist that does everything. He raps, writes, gives soulful R&B records, produces his own records, and then delivers bangers. The melody-driven artist has created a lyrical landscape as an illustration of his growth as an artist and human being. He has definitely grown and he says it himself by stating, “I’m not who I was before, but I think you can hear the evolution on this. It’s elevated and exactly where I want to be musically right now—moving forward.”

“Why Not? is truly a love album to everything in his life. He bares the question of why can’t one person do it all?  “You can’t be an athlete and a musician. You can’t be a producer, artist,  singer,  rapper, and you can’t have a thriving career and a relationship.” This album is living proof that you certainly can do it all. 

Toronto college volleyball superstar to culture-shifting singer, rapper, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer. Kofi takes control of his destiny, conceiving and executing a singular vision through his lyrics and production. The young artist says his father supported him to create music when he was young, and he started mixing for artists like Pressa, Jimmy Prime, and Booggz.

When he realized he was very good at it, he started releasing his own music through Jungle Music Group. Kofi then generated a lot of momentum since coming to the scene.


Ep to Album

His first songs that got noticed were “ Wake up” and “ Came up,” and in 2018, he released his first EP,  “Tripolar,” with 4 tracks on it. Seven months ago, the young rapper released “Don’t Give Up on Me,” and you will get goosebumps after listening to the song; it is a lyrical masterpiece. Kofi has a unique style and easy flow, and he quickly built a name for himself.

His track “Babygirl” off his 2020 EP Story of My Life reached #1 on the Soundcloud New & Hot US Chart, #2 on the Soundcloud Top 50 US Singles Chart, and #4 on the Soundcloud New & Hot Global Chart.

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While he’s often praised for his penmanship as a songwriter, his tone and voice control also set him apart from other artists. It’s clear Kofi has grown personally and music fans are beyond excited to see more growth and more power from Kofi. 


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