TikTok Turntable feat. Tech N9ne, Willow, The Wombats & More

Over the past few years, it feels like we have been seeing the trend of “overnight blowup” become all too normal due to TikTok. As one of the leading platforms with millions of daily users, it’s become a hub for new music.

Either way, it is here to stay and so are its young creators and musicians. TikTok’s influence is at the point that upcoming musicians and superstars do their best to get their music circulating there before anywhere else.

TikTok Turntable

So to get you caught up on all the viral TikTok songs and artists behind them, Musicdaily presents to you TikTok Turntable. Here we show you four of our favorite viral songs and some of the challenges that go with them.

Here is the list of our top songs for this week.

1. Tech N9ne-Face Off

Dropping early in October, the single is probably the most excited fans have been for a Tech N9ne song. The speed rapper known for his underground music is back with a single. And to add some shock factor he has recruited one of Hollywood’s most beloved actors. Yes, we said actors. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson appears with a verse on this one that you just have to check out. Show us what sends you into a positive OVERdrive and tell us below.

2. Willow- Meet Me At Our Spot

The kid that used to whip her hair back and forth is all grown up and is now making hits. As the daughter of the famous actor Will Smith, Willow is taking off with her music career. And it is because of this super catchy song. With an alternative punk vibe, Williow has brought us “Meet Me At Our Spot” and something about it just makes us want to catch a vibe. Check out the full song off her latest album WILLOW and we encourage you to try the hilarious dance challenge that goes with it on TikTok.

3. The Wombats- Greek Tragedy

Like many songs out on TikTok right now, The Wombats “Greek Tragedy” has seen somewhat of a resurrection in popularity. Originally made in 2015, the jazzy alternative pop song is now a part of a glow-up challenge taking over. Remixed by Oliver Nelson, the song takes a snippet from the 90’s movie Ladybugs and turns it into a masterpiece.

4. NEIKED, Mae Muller & Polo G-Better Days

Swedish producer NEIKED recruits rap icon, Polo G and up and coming singer, Mae Muller for a collaborative pop song. Known for the verse by Polo G, the song also blew up on the video-sharing platform, TikTok for the Better Days challenge. The single that dropped in September is a catchy dance song that has people going crazy.

MusicDaily On TikTok

Check out these songs and more on our TikTok @musicdailynow page or hear the full Turntable Playlist on our Tracks Page .   And be sure to check in to MusicDaily for all the news about the artist you love and those you need to discover!

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