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Thomas Headon Only Wishes To Be In “Georgia”

Rising British star Thomas Headon unveiled his new single “Georgia,” the first since the release of his last EP, Victoria.

Thomas Releases New Music After Eight Months

We finally have some new music from Thomas Headon! I know, he has been super busy lately thanks to his current “2 British Friends 1 North America Tour” alongside Alfie Templeman. But, it’s still nice to see what he was been working on behind closed doors.

Thomas had actually been teasing this song on TikTok for months. And so, it’s safe to say that fans were happy to finally get to hear the finalized version. He had also teased the song’s lyrics and even quizzed fans about them! What a teaser. But we forgive you, Thomas, because we totally love “Georgia.”

“Georgia” Is A Metaphor

“Georgia” is a sweet, sunny track in which Thomas expresses his feelings toward a special girl. She happens to live in – you guessed it – Georgia! He points out that they never get to see each other because of this. So, he wonders if he should just go ahead and move over there, to be closer to her. Nevertheless, he revealed that the song is totally fictitious, and he doesn’t actually have a relationship with a girl from Georgia.“She’s so nice / And looks so good / I would see her only if I could. Down in Georgia / Georgia’s where I should be,” Thomas sings in the chorus.

“We’ve actually been sitting on this song for over a year now,” Thomas says. “I wrote it by myself with my little acoustic guitar in London, then finally produced it up into 100 different versions with my friend Stephen months later, finally landing on this one. It’s actually not even about someone called Georgia, it’s more pointed towards the US state… also which I have nothing to do with, but it’s a metaphor. Anyway, it’s my favorite song of mine to date, I hope people like it.” 

What are you waiting for? Go and listen to “Georgia” now! It’s available on all streaming platforms.

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