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This Week In Music – January 20

What do Ozzy Osbourne, Bee Gees and Adele have in common? These musically distant artists are actually very close to each other, thanks to some events that led them all together. Stay with us to discover what brings Ozzy Osbourne’s notorious adventure with a bat, Bee Gees’ Saturday Night Fever and Adele’s 21.

This Week In Music: January 20

10/30/10, Ozzy Ozbourne, Rally To Restore Sanity and/or Fear V
by Dray-Dray

Ozzy Osbourne is one of the most notorious music artists in the history of both rock, metal and, why not, the entire music scene of the XX century. the stories surrounding the former Black Sabbath singer’s name are what made the singer into a mythological being, for whom distinguishing between fact and legend is often difficult. From the multiple overdoses to the time when he snorted a line of ants on the poolside, the artist never lacked in keeping his persona – one could say – “interesting.” Surely controversial and provoking, at times intriguing and even entertaining.

Some of these stories could be easily perceived as unbelievable, but not all of them are. The one you’re about to read is indeed confirmed by a video circulating on the internet that would prove the truth behind the legend. This is the story about the time Ozzy Osbourne ate a bat – alive.

Was It Fake Or Was It A Living Creature?

On Jan 20th, 1982, Ozzy Osbourne was performing at one of his concert in Des Moines, IA. During the show, someone from audience threw a bat onto the stage. Thinking the bad was fake, the singer attempted to bite the object’s head off. However, the animal was actually a living creature! As soon as the singer realized, he immediately went to the nearest hospital for rabies shots, making history as one of the weirdest – and most memorable – music events ever.


The details of the “event” are not always confirmed, and this is where facts dance with legend.
In fact, for example, some say that the bat was unconscious but it was alive, and that it bit Osbourne. Because of the bite, the singer needed to get a rabies vaccination.
On the other hand, some say that the bad was indeed dead for a while. According to this narrative, the vaccination was only preventative.
According to some, the person who threw the bad was involved in the “investigation.” However, also in this case, no certainty revolves around this aspect.

January 21: Saturday Night Fever

Only few weeks after the movie came out, on Jan 21, 1978, the era- defining jams “Saturday Night Fever’s soundtrack began a 24-week run at the top of the US album chart. Bee Gee’s Saturday Night Fever – the album, is still one of the biggest albums of the disco era. It is also generally considered to be the unofficial soundtrack of the time. Hits like “Night Fever,” “Stayin’ Alive,” and “If I Can’t Have You” become the singles representative of the late 70s energetic, groovy and engaging disco music. On the tones of the Bee Gees brothers and with John Travolta’s dance moves on screen, the album is still the best-selling soundtracks album of all time, second only to The Bodyguard.

On that year, Saturday Night Fever even won Album of the Year at the 1979 Grammy Awards. The record sold more than 40 million copies worldwide.

January 22: Adele’s 21 

Adele on Instagram: "Weekend 4"
Adele. @adele On Instagram

In 2012, British superstar Adele was at the top of the world with her latest release, 21. The album included tracks like the now classics like “Rolling In The Deep,” “Rumour Has It,” Turning Tables,” “Set Fire To The Rain” and “Someone Like You.”

Both the singles and the albums reached the first position of multiple charts, but what 21 accomplished was even more. Surpassing the success of her incredible 19, 21 did even better. In fact, the album broke a record held by some of the most iconic artists in history of music and their biggest albums. These include Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Drake and even Rihanna.

In fact, 21 hit 16 weeks at No.1, understandably becoming one of the best selling, most influential and inspiring pop records ever. The record’s only rival and companion at the top is the iconic ‘Titanic’ Soundtrack.

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