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The Wrecks release “Things You Make Me Do”

American pop rock band The Wrecks release their fresh new single, “Things You Make Me Do” and prepare to begin their tour.

Things You Make Me Do

The Wrecks

Together with the previously announced American Tour, about to start this Autumn, The Wrecks return with a new single. Los Angeles based rock band The Wrecks just released their latest single, “Things You Make Me Do.”

Few days before the song-release day, the band went on their social accounts and wrote:

“Strap in, strap on, and let’s have a great Fall together of new music and shows!!!!! 3 new songs!!! 2 acoustic versions!!! 2 remixes!!! all yours!! so soon!!”

The song anticipates the upcoming album release. As the band mentioned, “Things You Make Me Do” is the first track from their “new artwork.” The band indeed announced the upcoming deluxe version of their latest album, Sonder.


Sonder, the band’s second and latest album, came out in summer 2022. Filled with hits like “Wonder,” “I Love This Part” and “Lone Survivor,” the album is now ready to welcome new singles in its deluxe version. Keeping the post-breakup ambience and theme, the deluxe album will be a continuation of the previous vulnerable, reflective and self-aware lyrics.

The Wrecks’ vocalist and producer Nick Anderson commented the track and its meaning:

“I was processing a breakup slowly and poorly, and for a while there, the breakup was winning.”

Anderson also commented the release of Sonder and the process behind both the album and “Things You Make Me Do:”

“Making this album was a very difficult, sleepless journey that took a lot out of me,” he says. “But each day and night throughout that process, I could see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

“I knew I was onto something; I hadn’t felt this excited or optimistic about releasing a body of work in my entire career.”

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