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The Wrecks announce American Tour dates

The Wrecks announced their North American tour. Back and Better Than Ever Tour will welcome its second part this fall, when the band will move to the United States to perform for multiple nights.

The Wrecks tour

Back and Better Than Ever

The Wrecks
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Californian alternative/ pop rock band The Wrecks just announced a new leg of their tour, Back and Better Than Ever. After performing in for multiple nights in Europe, the band will move back to their native country. The tour now will include 28 new concerts to perform in the country. From October to November, the Los Angeles alternative rock band will hit stages in almost 15 states.


Among the other nights, the band is scheduled to perform in a festival as well. Sonoma Harves, California, will host the band on October 9, for the second night of this section of the tour.

Opening acts

To open the concerts, the band engaged two alternative indie projects, CARR and Arlie. CARR, lead singer of her own band, and Arlie, American alternative rock and indie band, will alternate during the many tour dates.


After five years of awaiting, The Wrecks finally returned with a new record. 2022’s  Sonder is the 11-songs band’s latest project. An energetic

Among the others, the song that stands out the most is the pop punk, vulnerable “I Love This Part.” Introspective and open hearted, the song discusses angles of the need of independence after a breakup.

Another central release from the band’s sophomore year is fan’s favourite “Where Are You Now (feat. girlhouse).”  And it is for a reason! Moving and emotional, the song cuts deep with desperate and helpless words like “One night turned to one week turned to one year, Wrong side of the right life, but I’m right here…”


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