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The Kid LAROI Tells All On “Thousand Miles”

18-year-old Australian rapper The Kid LAROI reminisces on “Thousand Miles” off his upcoming debut album “Kids Are Growing Up.”
via Instagram @thekidlaroi

What Is The Kid LAROI Up To?

The co-artist on Justin Bieber‘s “Stay” is set to release his debut LP “Kids Are Growing Up” soon, but its release date is still unofficial. This era sees the Aussie artist still “growing up” in the spotlight as this is his first album since his F*UCK LOVE mixtape trilogy in 2021. (F*CK LOVE 3 debuted at number 1 on the Billboard Top 200.) Furthermore, after his social media hiatus late last year, he returned in January with the original title being The First Time or “#TFT.” 

For the project, he surrounded himself with the industry’s brightest talents like Don Toliver, Nardo Wick, Fivo Foreign, and producer Mike Dean, who has worked with Kanye West and Lana Del Rey. Also, The Kid LAROI isn’t shy about his upcoming music and sound, as he shared the unreleased “Guess It’s Love” via Twitter.

“Thousand Miles” by The Kid LAROI

“Thousand Miles” is the first single promoting his upcoming project, with the guidance of controversial manager Scooter Braun. The artist rounds off his journey through recent relationships and their troubles on the song. Following planned snippets and an unexpected leak, the single was finally released.

He breaks down its creation process with Apple Music: “Me and a guitar, yeah, that’s how we started the idea. It was just, Watt had this guitar idea that he had made, and he just pulled it up, and I just started ripping it at his house on the mic.” The track’s organic upbringing made the artist a bit protective of its likability. However, upon his fan’s eagerness after several snippets, he decided to release it.

His unique vocal grit and rough tone blur the track between melodic rap and pop. There is a lot of emphasis on the vocals while the guitars and drums support from the back. “Thousand Miles” acknowledges what he feels during emotionally turbulent times in relationships and is relatively easy to follow.


What do you think of The Kid LAROI’s newest single, “Thousand Miles”? Let us know in the comments!

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