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The Dryes Share Powerful “House On Fire”

The Dryes have released their new single, “House On Fire;” co-written with Brian Elmquist and Jacob Sooter.

The Dryes Share Their Passion on “House On Fire”

The husband-wife country duo of Katelyn and Derek Drye is back with a new single. Back in August, the pair released the fun and upbeat “Dolly Would,” inspired by the one and only Dolly Parton herself. 

But now that they are back, they decided to mix things up a little bit. “House On Fire” is a passionate make-up song, pointing back to the initial desires felt from a burgeoning relationship. This is immediately understood when you first hear the captivating lyric, “kiss me like you did when we didn’t have shit, don’t let me forget.” The single arrives alongside a gripping music video directed by Sean Hagwell (Michael Ray, Meghan Patrick, Sarah Reeves.)

Get to Know Their Love Story

Katelyn and Derek Drye have jump-started their career via true and utter authenticity. They live a life filled with happiness and love and pain and struggle, an emotional mixture that makes for explosive music.

 In 2008, fate brought together the sassy 19-year-old Katelyn with the determined 22-year-old Derek, and sparks flew. Soon, the two began playing local bars and writing some songs and found themselves increasingly intrigued by the harmonies that resulted when they would join their tremendous voices together. And 10 years ago, last November, they got married.

 But life hasn’t always been perfect or pretty. They faced extraordinary losses and unfathomable tragedies. They lived on credit cards and ramen noodles, they had doors slammed in their faces and a scattering of dollar bills stuffed into tip jars, not nearly enough to pay the bills that waited for them on Monday. But they persevered.

 “I knew all along that Derek and I were supposed to be together, and we were supposed to make music together,” Katelyn says quietly. “It’s never been perfect, but we have always known that we have a story to tell.”

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