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Luna Li & beabadoobee Recover on “Silver Into Rain”

The dreamy pop artist Luna Li collaborated with beabadoobee on her latest single, “Silver Into Rain.” A slow-burner, full of soft indie beats and heavy guitars.

Music Discovery: Luna Li

Luna Li, or Hanna Kim, is a multi-instrumentalist and producer based in Toronto. Locally, she dominated the indie scene and moved onto gain more recognition. Most noticeably, last year, she joined Japanese Breakfast on tour. With i-D, she said other AAPI musicians like Mitski, Japanese Breakfast, Jay Sam, and Raveena inspire her. So, there’s no coincidence this was meant to be.

Luna Li and beabadoobee Go Slow on "Silver Into Rain"
Luna Li via Instagram @lunalilunalilunali

She’s classically trained in multiple instruments including, piano, violin, the harp, and drums. On her lush, guitar-driven EP, jam, you get a clear sense of Li’s whimsical aesthetic and ethereal vocals. There’s no denying that these not only inspire the music but inspire her sound too. Her recognition grew commercial with her 88rising-endorsed single, “Cherry Pit.” But, songs like “Alone But Not Lonely” showcase her versatility and depth. Regarding the song, she tells Complex, “I wrote this song as an act of self-care, to cheer myself up during a darker time,” says the singer, who describes herself as a music-making moon fairy.” From this conversation, it is obvious that there is a lot of intention within her lyrics and production.

Now, the ethereal Luna Li is gearing up to release her debut album, Duality, on March 3rd.

Analysis of “Silver Into Rain” by Luna Li and beabadobee

When the music starts, the production is distorted and lacks clarity. And slowly, a relaxing, lazy drum beat introduces Luna Li. She sings, “Someday I’ll be caught up in the wind /Maybe I’ll spill it out my skin /And the earth will take me down.” Then, guitars instantly take over the chorus for more angst and grit– even Li’s voice becomes a bit raw. She says, “Blow me away, I’m too young for my age / Too shy for the stage / too careful to be brave.”

Luna Li and beabadoobee Go Slow on "Silver Into Rain"
beabadoobee via IG @radvxz

This song is about her and a past lover, who takes advantage of her mentally, where she cannot stand up to him or get away. But, eventually, he leaves her with all the damage. And, she is left to pick herself up– or try to, at least. Sonically, there’s a juxtaposition between her private, vulnerable feelings and the explosive chorus.

TikTok viral, bedroom-pop artist beabadoobee takes over the bridge. With the guitar, harps, and drum instrumental, beabadoobee enters. Her voice is peaceful as she repeats, “Oh, getting hard to see things straight / It’s not too late.” In the last chorus, Luna Li and beabadoobee drown in more guitars instrumentals (again). It’s chaotic but captures the quiet anger felt throughout the track. However, now it’s out in the forefront. They both sing, “Blow me away, I’m sipping on rosé / Gold into grey and the silver into rain” over and over again.


What do you think of Luna Li’s new single with beabadoobee, “Silver Into Rain”? Let us know in the comments!

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